Certified Bodytalk practitioner Elana Sissison courageously shares her healing journey to enhance others’ lives. Photo: Supplied

Bodytalk practitioner uses personal journey to heal others

Bodytalk practitioner Elana Sissison speaks from the heart, and courageously shares her healing journey to enhance others’ lives.

The 57-year-old from Johannesburg suffered from thyroid cancer a few years ago and felt that it would be powerful to share her journey and how Bodytalk helped so much with her healing.

“I felt terrible anxiety after being diagnosed. The Bodytalk sessions enabled me to face the journey bravely and positively, with a feeling of calmness,” said Sissison.

Bodytalk is a holistic form of healing that focuses on a person’s physical, emotional, and psychological aspects.

“It’s wonderful as an adjunct to western medicine,” said Sissison.

She added that she had an immense knowledge of complementary healing modalities. She would like to educate people about this as she believed it could help in their healing journey.

“Bodytalk can also be practised via distance sessions, so I can help people who are ill, in pain or with any physical or emotional issue, from anywhere in the world.”

During a session, the practitioner is guided to what needs to be balanced and released for the body to heal. Bodytalk does not address symptoms but works with the story behind a client’s symptoms or illness.

There are numerous benefits to this type of practice.

“The physical benefits are that people feel lighter and experience an improvement or alleviation of their condition, be it a skin condition, pain, migraines, digestive issues, or injuries.

“Psychologically, clients feel clearheaded and have a more positive outlook on life.

“Emotionally, there’s a decrease in the intensity of emotions or even the elimination of negative emotions. Clients feel happier, more balanced, calmer, and less anxious.”

Newborns to the elderly can benefit from Bodytalk sessions.

“Bodytalk is for people who have chronic illnesses and who are on regular meds. Or those who have repeated issues such as migraines, skin conditions, digestive problems, endocrine problems, and pain, and where mainstream medicine can only offer symptom alleviation.

“It’s also for people who want to get to the cause of why they have a particular health issue, and for those who aren’t good candidates for talk therapy.”

Sissison felt that Bodytalk was important during these times as people experienced high levels of stress due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainty it has placed on lives.

“Constant stress has a profound impact on the immune system, which in turn can lead to illness.

“Also, Bodytalk sessions enable a person to deal with the many challenging feelings they’re experiencing, which can help them not to feel overwhelmed.

“It also enables balance to be maintained within the body and mind, which is crucial for maintaining health on all levels.”

The sessions can work with any physical or emotional condition as the body’s intelligence guides the practitioner to what needs to be balanced, released or better synchronised for the body and mind to heal.

“The body stores every memory and experience that a client has ever experienced from in utero, and it’s this that Bodytalk has access to during a session.”

Sissison was drawn to reading about holistic healing modalities from a young age and experienced many of them for her healing over the years.

“One day, a doctor friend of mine suggested I try Bodytalk, and after two sessions, I was hooked.

“I was in awe of how much information the practitioner could access from the body and then use a tapping mechanism on my head, chest and stomach to effect the necessary changes.”

Sissison added that when she experienced how different she felt, she knew that she wanted to study this to help others heal.

“It made me want to assist others as I saw the immense benefit it had on my life, and I wanted people to experience that too.”

She felt strongly that by only addressing a person’s physical aspects, they were not given the best chance to heal.

“I went on to study Bodytalk in 2013, and over the years, I did extra modules that added more depth to the system.”

There is one specific case study that stands out for Sissison. It relates to a woman who developed an unrelenting dry cough.

“She was given cough mixtures, asthma pumps, and eventually admitted to hospital where nebulisers were administered but all to no avail. Bodytalk was suggested, and I did one session on her.

“The next day, she called to say that when she woke up, she felt like a different person. Not only had the cough completely disappeared, but her facial colour had returned. Ultimately, she was grieving the loss of her husband, who had recently passed.

“Unexpressed grief usually goes to the lungs, and this is what happened with her. Once identified and released, the symptom abated.”

Sissison added that most people needed a few sessions to experience a significant shift. Still, the body starts its work from the first session.

For more information or to contact Sissison, visit www.bodytalkbalance.co.za and @bodytalkbalanceZA on Facebook.

CAPTION: Certified Bodytalk practitioner Elana Sissison courageously shares her healing journey to enhance others’ lives. Photo: Supplied

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